Core Ambassadors

We are looking for people who represent "Upstream Lifestyle".

Upstream Lifestyle is about finding your flow, creating your own current and inspiring others with your story. It's about leading with love, being willing to challenge the status quo and living with authenticity.


Our goals are to collaborate with you to raise awareness of Upstream Lifestyle, grow a strong following and community with positive values and flow and generate sales so we can have a bigger impact in the world.

1. Raise Awareness
2. Grow A Community
3. Generate Sales

Benefits & Collaboration

What we'll do:
We will send you an Upstream product gift for free for you to keep from our website and or test product. (Depending on results and relationship we would love to continue sending you Upstream products for you to represent.)

What you'll do on Instagram:
1. Include our website link in bio
2. Minimum of 4 great quality posts including product within a month of arrival (choice of: photos/videos/testimonials)
3. Minimum of 4 complimentary stories including product within a month of arrival (choice of: photos/videos/testimonials)
4. Tag us: @upstreamlifestyle
5. Email us an honest product review with photo of you and product
6. Represent the brand proudly

How do I get started?

Our Core Ambassadors are people who truly love and support our brand so we ask the following so we know it's real.

1. Follow us on IG
2. Like us on FB
3. Be an existing Upstream customer
4. Fill out the form below

I'm ready to get started!

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